Collection: Chad Barrett Collection

Elegant, charming, sophisticated- all of these words describe the work of artist Chad Barrett. He has a way of capturing the seemingly simple- fashion, food, nature- and adding his touch of Southern flare that makes everything he creates spring from his canvas as refined and classic, while still fun and captivating. With the stroke of his brush, Chad is able to create beauty from the most subtle parts of our everyday life, giving a glass of wine personality or a woman’s shoe allure.

Chad has been creating artwork for the home decor and licensing industry for over 15 years. He has worked with many premier manufactures on a variety of products sold worldwide.

“I hope my works are seen as elegant and thoughtful,” says Chad, “and possess a timeless quality that make them easy to live with and enjoy. I love what I do and hope to bring as much joy to the viewer of my work as I experience making it.”